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Dinosaur Dig 3D Board Game

by Orchard Toys ·
Ages: 3 years and over

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Who will be the first to find all the bones to build their 3D dinosaur?

Calling all dinosaur lovers, we have the perfect game for you with this fun and educational Dinosaur Dig Game from Orchard Toys.

Each player chooses a color of pickaxe, which corresponds to the color of their dinosaur. Players take turns hanging a dinosaur bone on the 3D board.

If the color of the number matches the color of their pickaxe, they can add the piece to their dinosaur's body. The winner is the first player to complete their dinosaur!

  • Exciting prehistoric 3D game that encourages the development of dexterity and association and memory skills.
  • Played with 2 to 4 players.
  • Content translated into multiple languages.

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  • Age
    3 years and over
  • Included
    3D game board, 2 moles, 4 3D dinosaurs in seven parts, 4 terrible T-Rex cards, 4 pickaxes, 1 instruction booklet (multilingual)
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Très beau jeu mon petit fils de 41/2 ans l’adore.