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10 Creative & Original Ways of Using your Connetix Tiles

10 utilisations originales des tuiles Connetix

Connetix magnetic tiles offer endless possibilities for building and imaginative play. From building towering castles to elaborate structures, kids (and adults!) love building with these tiles.

But did you know that these magnetic tiles can be used in many other fun and original ways, beyond conventional construction?

Below are some of the most creative and uniques ideas found around the web for maximizing the play potential of your Connetix sets!


Building a domino track takes time, patience and planning. But... is there anything more satisfying than having the freedom to tear something down, without repercussions or consequences?

Increase the challenge level by combining colors to create patterns or trying to use a triangle to knock down a square.

Magnetic Surfaces Scavenger Hunt

What magnetic surfaces can you find in your home? Your child can have fun running around the house discovering what is a magnetic surface and what is not by testing the surface with their Connetix tiles.

Playing with words

Using a dry erase marker, write the different parts of the compound words on the tiles. Use words like game, ball, house, sea, shell.

See what combinations your child finds; some will make sense, but others will make you laugh!

Magnetic Tic-Tac-Toe

The classic game of tic-tac-toe, with Connetix style! Use two different colors of tiles to designate the X's and O's on a magnetic surface. This game is perfect for traveling and keeps the pieces in place.

You can even use the fridge for a quick game while you're in the kitchen!

Amazing Mazes & Ball Runs

Mazes are a great way to practice problem solving. Using a Connetix base plate (or metal baking sheet), create a colorful maze.

You can rearrange the walls to design different mazes, and even tilt the board to roll a ball and turn the game into a marble run !

Math and counting games

Introduce basic math concepts like addition, subtraction, and multiplication using the tiles as a manipulative for math learning . Tiles are also great for practicing identifying colors and shapes.

D-I-Y Puzzles

Using peel-off stickers, place them on two or more Connetix tiles and carefully cut along the join to create the pieces of a homemade puzzle !

Family Dashboard

Help your children become more independent and responsible (while making chores more engaging) by creating a magnetic chart of family chores and routines!

Attach magnetic tiles to a board or the refrigerator and write down each person's different tasks. Let your child move each tile to the "completed" section after completing a chore, adding a sense of accomplishment to their responsibilities.

Explore shapes

Connetix is ​​the perfect way to explore a range of geometric concepts, including shapes. You can create your shapes in 2D or 3D if you want an extra challenge!

Obstacle courses

Design a course by setting up a variety of Connetix obstacles on a track to cross or go around. (Please note that jumping or standing directly on your Connetix is ​​not recommended.)

Final word

There's no doubt: Connetix tiles are truly an open-ended toy that will provide years of versatile fun and learning through play!

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