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The right age to introduce a Pikler climbing triangle

À quel âge introduire un triangle Pikler à votre enfant?

Are you considering purchasing a climbing triangle, but not sure when your child will be ready to use it? One of the best features of the Pikler Climbing Triangle is that it can be used for years, in so many different ways, and it is modular, being compatible with the other structures in the collection! There's no real right or wrong time to start.

So, when can you introduce the climbing triangle to your child? The short answer is: right now, if you want!

Whatever the age of your child, it is possible to integrate the Pikler climbing triangle into the gross motor play time. All children are different, of course, but here are some ideas for introducing the Pikler at some common stages of your child's development.

How to use the Pikler triangle at different ages


It is generally considered that the age of 6 months is the ideal time to start using the Pikler climbing triangle. Indeed, at this time, babies generally learn to sit and will soon be ready to stand.

When your baby starts to sit and stand, the Pikler fun really begins. The stable triangular shape provides a solid foundation for baby to start standing and moving around.

Emmi Pikler, who designed the Pikler Triangle, noticed that babies who are able to do so will start climbing when they are ready - and that's often much sooner than you think! The triangle gives babies the freedom of movement they need to learn to use their bodies.

TODDLERS (1 to 2 years)

Little ones love to climb! When you first introduce the Pikler, be careful not to pressure your child to use it a certain way. Let your child climb as high as he or she feels comfortable. Next – this is the hardest part! - give him the time and space necessary to come down independently.

As your child becomes more comfortable with climbing, you can add fun accessories, like a climbing ramp or slide for an added challenge.


Children aged 3 to 6 use the Pikler not only to climb and play, but also to express their creativity. You can add a triangular tent on top of the bars to create a hidden space for imaginative play.

Get climbing!

With several varieties of climbing triangles and all the essential accessories, the Pikler range from Kinderfeets has the right climbing triangle for any stage of their development. Choose yours today!

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