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About us

Panoramic view of our identity and what we represent.

At Comme des Pirates, we take playing very seriously - and we have a wicked old time doing so! We believe that the future belongs to the curious and daring. Those with a go-getter, rebellious spirit.

Our mission is to provide parents with a trusted, premier destination for games and toys rich in stimulating experiences to produce, educational value to offer, and always with a touch of childhood wonder.

By carefully and expertly selecting among the most innovative and award-winning toy brands in the world, our objectives can be summarized in 4 steps:

  • Awaken children's sense of wonder.
  • Nurture children's innate curiosity.
  • Enrich their imagination, and get them to dream big.
  • Promote the pleasure of experimenting, discovering and learning... in perpetuity.

Our vision

In an ever-accelerating world, it's more important than ever that children find joy in exploring and creating, not just in standardized test scores and academic achievement.

Additionally, in the age of fast fashion and convenience, it is equally important for children of all ages to enjoy quality products with multiple ways to play. It is on the basis of these founding principles that Comme des Pirates was born.

The Comme des Pirates brand encourages children to see a world of possibilities.

The fun is just the beginning! All of our toys are carefully chosen for their benefits that go beyond simple pleasure. They help children develop curiosity, creativity, social skills and an appreciation for a stimulating life of active self-learning.

The passion to educate those passionate about play

We are driven by our passion for play and education. Just watching children play is enough to understand why play is so important and valuable, and to realize.

Learning through play is an essential element of child development. It is through play that he learns to use his mind and practice crucial skills that promote his development.

Our range of age-appropriate educational toys aims to stimulate children's learning by providing experiences that are as enriching as they are fun.

Who we are

It all started when...

...nope, not here! We'll spare you the cliché made so familiar that we could recite it. You recognize the refrain, typical of stores short on originality:

It's the story of first baby, new mom looking for quality toys, but - oh, the horror! - realizes that the market is devoid of product options of the quality sought. The idea was born: a new store was created to remedy this calamity!

But strangely, each new company aims to fill this supposed void of quality toys, and yet the next one always tells the same story. Have they all failed in their noble quest? Or would it be more of a reheated soup formula, too easy to serve?

Like Pirates is, in contrast, the ship of rebels, irreverent, and we operate to the beat of our own drum. We are guided by our own values ​​and philosophy, renouncing the comfort of conformity.

We are here for adventure, to discover and share treasures. No clichés, no pretenses. Just boldness in originality... and toys that inspire as much to give as to use. Come on board with us, and discover what playing “like pirates” really means.

Our team

Our skills - We have in our ranks 2 decades of direct experience in early childhood education, skills resulting from an academic background in psychoeducation, and a long-standing irrevocable fascination with web technologies.

The crew : small (by choice), but versatile (by skill). Attention to detail, and excited by major challenges. And passionate about play and its crucial contribution to a child's development.

Here we consider the essential elements to claim tailor-made expertise for the online sale of educational toys for children.

But our pretensions are of no importance; we prefer to leave it to you to judge for yourself!

The store: exclusively online

Comme des Pirates chose the path of the adventurer, without anchor or home port. Like a pirate ship sailing through uncharted seas, we are not constrained by the limitations of a physical store.

Our world is vast and borderless, and our treasure is accessible from any web-connected device, right to your doorstep.

Our unique online presence allows us to navigate freely, take chances and experiment with innovative approaches, and present to you, with boldness and expertise, the most inspiring toys.

Dare to embark with us and discover our limitless gaming universe!

Although we are an exclusively online business, Comme des Pirates is proudly Quebecois! We are anchored - by heart, culture and residence - in the greater Montreal area, from where orders are shipped across Canada.