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Acrobat skill game

by Janod ·
Ages: 5 years and over
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Find balance! This skill game will make you have fun times with your children!

The principle of the game is easy to understand for children aged 5 and over. Simply place a cardboard disc on the table, the player will then roll the three dice, place the acrobats on the circles of the same color as the dice and place a second cardboard disc on the pawns. The second player rolls the dice in turn and places the pawns according to the indication on the dice and so on.

As the towers go by, the balance becomes more and more precarious... The first to bring down the tower loses!

Good tactics and concentration will allow you to win the game!

  • Played by 2 to 8 players.
  • The game lasts about 15 minutes, enough to have some quick fun before dinner time.
  • Ideal for stimulating fine motor skills, strategy and learning to associate colors.

About the brand


Janod is the French brand specializing in wooden toys and cardboard games for children since 1970! It has successfully navigated through each era by adapting to the expectations of the children who discover it and to the memories of the parents who grew up with it.

Its mission: to offer fantasy in children's daily lives, according to great principles: to offer children a world to escape, to make them dream through the pleasure of play.

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  • Age
    5 years and over
  • Included
    20 cardboard discs (10.5 x 10.5 cm), 57 wooden pawns, 3 dice, fabric storage bag
  • Dimensions
    25 x 25 x 5.5 cm (box)
  • Materials
    FSC wood and cardboard
  • SKU

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