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6 toy combinations to expand Connetix magnetic games

6 combinaisons de jouets pour élargir les jeux magnétiques Connetix-Comme des Pirates

The wonderful thing about toys designed for open-ended play is that, unlike many toys that work one way, children can use them to play in a different way each time. It is ultimately the child who directs the open-ended play, without instructions or a pre-established way of playing.

We love playing with a Connetix set on its own, but combining it with other familiar toys or objects is a fun way to extend and expand play. Here's a list of popular toys that might inspire play in some way. 'another one.

Connetix + trains

I loved discovering my nephews experimenting with this combination. Building train tracks develops so many skills on its own and the addition of the Connetix "stations" and tunnels really injected an extra element of imagination into this moment of play. Train tracks were perhaps no longer featured on their list of favorite toys for some time, but the addition of open play hardware like Connetix has given them a second lease of life.

Connetix + animals and mythical creatures

Whether it's creating a farm, a zoo enclosure for unicorns, or a device to trap a dinosaur (or that Christmas elf who always escapes!), your little animal lover will be engrossed in this engaging game. his favorite figurines .

Connetix and figurines to recreate a zoo
Connetix and animal figurines to create a zoo

Connetix + wooden toys

Why not combine your favorite wooden toys with your Connetix? Whether it's Janod or Toy Van , or any cheap blocks or figurines, creativity and imagination will have no limits.

Connetix + cars and other vehicles

Why not add cars to the landscape created by Connetix? Create ramps, garages or highways for cars, or complex airports for air vehicles. Learn about motion and gravity, planning and engineering, and much more!

Connetix magnetic tiles for playing cars

Connetix + [___] (insert your child's favorite toy here)

Is your child obsessed with superheroes? Paw Patrol? Peppa Pig? If it's a toy that already provides your child with endless hours of play while engaging their imagination, creativity, and language skills (and much more!), then take advantage of it. integrate it into the magnetic construction game!

Connetix + everyday objects

Parts of any kind found at home are a wonderful method of open manipulation that can really change the way you approach or design a toy.

Why not add loose pieces from nature such as twigs, rocks, leaves and nuts? Or by rummaging through your craft cupboard or even the recycling bin for pieces that might inspire an innovative and daring way to play and further develop your child's imagination.

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