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Montessori Toys

Everything is an opportunity to learn

The best Montessori toys are physical objects that inspire creativity, independence and cause and effect while your child plays. The Montessori method is all about encouraging your child to explore the world around them. Toys are therefore designed to reflect the real world and encourage your child to learn through experimentation.

Before school lessons (calculation, language, etc.), very young children learn a lot through daily life activities. So sorting, folding, pouring, sweeping, threading... are not activities to be neglected: they promote coordination of movements, concentration, organization in work and allow an activity to be carried out to its conclusion.

Montessori toys are primarily made with simple, natural materials, such as wood, to stimulate hands-on, self-directed learning. This means that the toys do not move or make sounds on their own. No flashing lights. No limits are imposed on their imagination.