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4 fun ways to boost language development

4 façons amusantes de stimuler le développement du langage-Comme des Pirates

If you're looking for fun ways to support your child's language development, just turn to your child's favorite stuffed friends! Beloved stuffed animals can have a huge impact on language development. Here are some ways to include your child's favorite playmates in language-rich activities:

Invite your child to choose a stuffed friend for a familiar outing or run. Encourage your child to share what he or she is experiencing.

Example: “This is Bunny’s first time joining us in the car. Can you help him look out the window and describe all the special places you know we'll pass? »

Challenge your child to remember past events. Visual elements, such as photos, are often helpful.

Example: “Here are some photos I printed from our visit to the zoo. Can you tell Bunny all about our adventure? You can start by showing him the first animal we visited or the one you found the funniest."

Encourage your child to explain a step-by-step process they have mastered from your family routine.

Example: “This is the first time Bunny has come to help us make pancakes for breakfast! Let’s show him the kitchen utensils we need, then you can explain the first step to him.”

Allow your child to play the role of "reader" by snuggling up with a special stuffed animal and telling a story they know well in sequence. If your child is unable to read the words in their favorite book, they can refer to the illustrations and create their own version.

Example: “The character on this page looks so sad. Can you tell your rabbit why he feels this way?

If you're looking for a few new friends to join your family's plush collection, take a look at these popular candidates!

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