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Connetix buying guide: which magnetic tiles set to buy?

Guide d'achat Connetix: quel ensemble de construction magnétique acheter ?-Comme des Pirates

Knowing which is the best Connetix magnetic tile set to buy can be confusing, especially if you are new to magnetic tile sets.

As an educator, daycare director, and parent, educational toys are very familiar to me. Add to this our love for Connetix magnetic tiles and our personal collection which has gradually grown.

So here are some tips and considerations for buying a Connetix magnetic tiles set for your children.

Which Connetix Set is best to start with?

If this is your first purchase of magnetic tiles, the key things to consider are:

  • How your children like to play;
  • How many children will play with the tiles;
  • How YOU would like to play and explore the pleasures of active learning with magnetic tiles.

The 212-piece Mega Pack is considered the ultimate starter set - it contains every shape in EVERY color of the rainbow, including 6 large hex tiles PLUS 2 purple car bases. It is a great option for games between siblings, family or friends, for larger constructions, for multi-purpose games and also if you want to have all the shapes in all the colors.

The 102-piece Creative Pack also offers a variety of shapes and tiles in set colors - including fence pieces and rectangles. This is a great option if you're planning a mix of large builds, ball races, small games, learning activities, etc.

If you're not sure your child will like magnetic tile games, I recommend the 60-piece Starter Pack for a mix of smaller scale builds and different types of games, or the 24-piece Motion Pack if you have a little vehicle enthusiast who loves wheels.

How many magnetic tiles do I need for more than one child?

The number of Connetix magnetic tiles you'll need really depends on the age of your children and how they play. If your kids are like mine... you can never have too many Connetix tiles!

BUT I know what it’s like to have to choose what to buy. So here are some food for thought...

If you wish to purchase only one set, the Mega Pack of 212 pieces or the Creative Pack of 102 pieces will offer the best possibilities for shared play between siblings.

Older children (ages 4 and up) who are confident in their magnetic constructions will likely want to build bigger structures, match colors, and use the magnetic tiles in more ways. If your children are both older, you will probably need more than one set of magnetic tiles to allow them to build to their mind's content.

Younger children will probably enjoy the smaller packs to start with. As they grow and become more confident with their magnetic builds, they will likely need more tiles eventually. But it's perfectly fine to introduce them to the magical world of magnetic construction with a Starter Pack or even a Mini Set.

In fact, I don't think I've ever met anyone who felt they had too many magnetic tiles. Think about your children, consider your budget and know that you can always expand your collection over time.

We already have some Connetix tiles, which set to get next?

Here are some considerations for expanding your Connetix collection, depending on which direction you wish to go.

To build bigger

  • The 212-pcs Mega Pack is perfect if you want to start or expand your magnetic tile collection and have all colors and shapes available (including the new large hexagons).
  • The 102-pcs Creative Pack is another great set to help you build bigger and take your construction play to the next level. It includes 6 large square tiles as well as a variety of different shaped tiles in your chosen colors.
  • The Expansion packs are a great option if you want to build taller or expand your current creations (bigger towers, rockets, ball courses, houses, etc.). These "speciality" extensions are available in Squares, Shapes or Rectangles.

To collect all colors and shapes

To expand play possibilities

The 24-piece Motion Pack is perfect for vehicle enthusiasts! It features two car bases with real rubber wheels and a variety of squares, windows and rectangles.

If you're building on carpet or unstable surfaces, base plates will help you build higher than ever. They also make it possible to create larger constructions on several levels (doll houses, castles, houses, fire stations, rockets, towers).

The 92 piece Ball Run Expansion Pack is a perfect way to mix up your magnetic tile sets. It includes a variety of transparent corrugated tubes and connecting parts. (Note: You may prefer to have standard magnetic tiles to maximize your Ball Run creations.

Are you still hesitant about which Connetix pack to buy?

Final tip: As your children grow, their skills and interests develop and evolve (and probably the same goes for your Connetix wish lists!) Connetix are a great idea to gift to share with family and friends to help you grow your collection.

Whatever your choice, you can't go wrong adding Connetix magnetic tiles to your life!

Note: Connetix magnetic tiles are tested and approved for ages 3 and up. Always supervise young children when playing with toys or objects containing small parts.

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