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Playing beyond toys: toys are useful, play is crucial

Jouer au-delà des jouets: par passion pour le jeu

At Comme des Pirates, we sell toys, of course. It’s even our reason for existing.

But our first passion is play. Play in all its forms: structured and unstructured, independent and cooperative.

We believe that every toy, every game is a journey into a world of adventure and discovery. Like a pirate ship sailing towards unknown horizons, each child through play explores, imagines, and creates their own universe - one discovery at a time.

Toys are important

Toys are not simple objects, but companions of the imagination, catalysts for creativity, tools for reflection.

Children use them as bridges between the real world and the world of infinite possibilities, between what they know and what they could know.

Before they can spin something in their head, they have to spin it in their hands. Before they can design a castle in their minds, they build it with blocks.

It is impossible to predict whether a block will fit into a shape sorter until one has repeatedly tried to place the part itself. Experimentation through trial and error is not just a game, it is an exploration in which young children, including babies, engage with passion.

One way to understand how our children think and what toys and experiences we should offer them next is to learn about patterns. Schemas, the mental models that children construct to make sense of their surroundings, are treasure maps, leading to understanding their world.

By observing these patterns, we select toys and experiences that nourish their imagination and guide them on their next adventures.

Play is better

Play is much more than toys. It is the very essence of childhood.

Toys are useful. Toys can teach. But they are not strictly necessary.

Birthdays and Christmas presents will continue to exist. We are not advocating for a future without toys. But let's not forget that the main thing is in the act of playing, and not in the accumulation of toys.

The toys are nothing special. What matters is their play potential. Our children can learn and thrive with simple objects, transforming everyday life into an endless playground.

Developmentally, our children can learn everything they need to know from sticks and rocks, pencils and paper, flasks and bowls, scissors and glue. Toys are fun, but you don't need to have as many as you might think.

Offer your preschooler the contents of your paper drawer: a few paper clips, tape and string. Observe the length of his commitment. You will see the imagination at work and its creativity expressed.

Play is not linked to the object, but to the spirit with which it is approached.

Play is everywhere

Anything can be a toy. Everything can promote new learning. Play is everywhere, in every object, every moment. Everything around us can become a vessel for adventure and learning.

Comme des Pirates represents this philosophy: the world is an ocean of play, and every moment, an opportunity to learn and have fun.

Be on the lookout for a teachable moment. And be attentive to your child. If he is engaged, he learns, even if the activity doesn't seem very interesting.

If Comme des Pirates represents anything, it is that it is possible to have fun anywhere and everywhere.

Who are we ?

Early childhood educators, trained psychoeducators, guides in the wonderful world of childhood and great fans of the power of play and imagination.

We are Like Pirates, and our mission is to bring a little of that magic into every child's life.

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