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7 tips to help my child concentrate

7 conseils pour aider mon enfant à se concentrer

Do you have the impression that your child can't sit still and can't concentrate on a task? Good news, it can improve! As you will see, there are many tips to combat this concentration problem in children.

Difficulties concentrating in children: when to worry?

Concentration requires considerable mental effort. It is therefore normal that your child takes several years to develop this skill. Attention span varies greatly from child to child.

Before the age of 5, the ability to concentrate can range from a few minutes to ten for some. These differences can be explained by personal development and individual preferences. A child concentrates more easily on an activity he enjoys.

7 tips to help your child concentrate

1- Focus on what interests him

Encourage your child to concentrate by offering them activities they enjoy. Your encouragement will be a driving force to strengthen his attention. Gradually, he will get used to staying focused longer.

2- Create a calm and reassuring environment

To reduce concentration problems, place your child in a quiet setting. When playing a board game or offering a puzzle, keep distractions away. For example, music in the background could make him want to dance or sing. A toy protruding from a bin and he will want to grab it…

3- Introduce him to breathing exercises

If your child is agitated, take a moment to practice breathing with them. Inhale for 3 seconds and exhale for 6 seconds. A dozen breaths can help calm his mind and regain calm. Homework or play, he will be able to refocus on his activity.

4- Make him listen to stories

Ma Fabrique à Histoires is an excellent way to combat concentration problems. Your child can choose a story that interests them, which stimulates their attention. Active listening is encouraged by Lunii audiobooks, where the child's choices influence the unfolding of the story.

Discover Ma Fabrique à Histoires by Lunii , the interactive storyteller for children aged 3 to 8.

5- Avoid bombarding him with instructions

Too much instruction at once can confuse a child. To help him concentrate, give him one instruction at a time. Make sure he understands before moving on to the next one.

6- Select games that stimulate concentration

Choose games that promote the development of concentration, such as observation or memory games.

Another essential: the puzzle . From a very young age, he combines observation, reflection and concentration.

On a walk or in the car, the game of spotting cars of a specific color can keep him focused for a long time.

7- Sign him up for an extracurricular activity

Music or sports like martial arts can improve concentration. These activities require memorization and attention. Participating in an orchestra can also be very beneficial for him.

* * *

Faced with their child's concentration problems, parents can feel helpless. However, these tips are valuable tools to support your child in the development of his attention and his fulfillment in his activities.

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